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The Advantages of Cloud Computing – Public Deployment

When we started discussing implementing a cloud-based computing system in our company, we had various thoughts coming through from each member. Some felt that we should not even implement it whereas the others were very confused as to which type of cloud will be the right one for our type of business. Finally, we decided to go for it and after careful considerations, chose to go with the public deployment, as that was the most suited type for our business. Since, we are now using the public cloud; we would like to share the advantages of choosing this type over the others namely private and hybrid.

The main advantage that we saw in the public cloud deployment was that it was the fastest of all three. It is very easy to create and develop the test environment, and users can create these environments within a few minutes. It is very easy to increase or decrease the capacity that could be a great challenge when it comes to private cloud. Based on the demand, we can compute, store and use the other services, and there are no effects due to the fluctuating demands. The public cloud also helps in meeting different user loads, be it smaller or heavy ones. The speed at which the resource provisioning is done is very high, less than a minute, which makes the public cloud as the best option just for that. On similar lines, we are able to increase or decrease the numbers, which does not have an impact on the speed.

The cost benefits must also be mentioned here. There is no upfront investment, and hence you can always boast about availing a service with zero investment. The operating costs are also much lower as we use the pre-built services like management, governance, information security, implementation, etc. We only pay as per the usage, which proves to be a very economical solution. Since there are many companies that are opting for public cloud deployment, the cost advantages are shared to the customers using the cloud service, which directly influences costs thereby, reducing it.

In addition to all these, there is a higher scope for innovation, competitive advantage, use of green computing, high performance, better application architecture, tolerance and skill management are some of the other major advantages that we are enjoy with a public cloud. Some of the major disadvantages that we have heard about but not experienced yet are security concerns, low reliability, non-availability, poor performance, loss of governance, etc.

If you are looking to implement cloud computing for your company, then you should opt to use the best services there is so that you do not have to deal with any quality issues later. Cloud London 365, one of the renowned names in the industry is the service we use for implementing public cloud for our company. Their services are exceptional, and you should see it to believe it. However, we strongly recommend that you choose a company that addresses your needs and delivers to your expectations.