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Rapid Development of Unitrends


After acquiring the specialist in backup, VMware PHD Virtual environments, Unitrends wants to accelerate its development in Europe. Having been based there for 20 years, Unitrends is positioned as an expert in data protection and “recoverability”. As explained by Kevin Moreau, general manager of the firm in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), the company recorded 20 consecutive quarters of growth with an annual aggregate increase of 57% of its turnover over the past four years.


In late October 2013, the company was acquired by Insight Ventures, an acquisition which later led to the buyout of PHD Virtual by Unitrends who was also a company in the Insight portfolio. Following the merger, the firm now employs nearly 300 employees and is expected to achieve a turnover of over $100 million in 2014. Worldwide, the new group has just over 10,000 clients. In Europe, the firm has maintained an office in London since February 2013 and has also opened offices in France and Germany.


The heart of the firm’s offer is based on 9 rackable backup appliances with capacities ranging from 2.4 TB to 50 TB of useful payload (before deduplication). These integrated appliances embark Unitrends Enterprise Backup backup technology of the firm and come with an all-inclusive licensing scheme that allows customers to deploy the solution without having to worry about the number of servers or backed up VM, regardless of the nature of applications to back up. This technology is quickly being picked up by forward-thinking tech companies, like Prosper IT support of Norwich. As explained by Kevin Moreau, the Unitrends backup appliances offer all expected applications in the field such as backup, data archiving, site-to-site replication, or instant recovery for VMs. Side systems environments, Linux platforms, Mac OS X, AIX, Solaris, iSeries, VMware vSphere and Hyper-V are supported and specific agents are available for applications such as Oracle, Exchange, SharePoint, and others. Note that for virtualized environments with VMware or Hyper-V, Unitrends offers multiple options in case of problems.


Unitrends applications marry function compression and global data deduplication – they combine deduplication both inline and post process mode in different situations. They also incorporate quasi-CDP capabilities to reduce the RPO (Recovery Point Objectives). It is interesting to note that Unitrends offers customers a backup mode to the cloud which allows it to have an encrypted copy of data on the cloud billing Unitrends with consummate ability. The purpose of the service is to allow local devices to replicate their data to the cloud for disaster recovery purposes.


ReliableDR: provides automated disaster recovery for VMware vSphere environments


The merger with PHD Virtual also allowed Unitrend to get their hands on the ReliableDR software publisher. RDR comes in the form of a virtual machine ready for use for virtualized environments with VMware and allows Unitrends to provide an all in one solution for application service continuity in the vSphere environment. As explained by Carlos Escapa, head of disaster recovery at PHD Virtual, ReliableDR allows the publisher to offer a new technology that orchestrates recovery applications. “We call our approach disaster recovery insurance. We knew already how to manage data movement with compression, deduplication, bandwidth control … ReliableDR allows us to add layers and failback failover in VMware environments. One can thus orchestrate workloads moving from one cluster to another or from one datacenter to another. “De Facto, ReliableDR automates DR operations from one site to another, provided that the remote site has sufficient resources and connectivity necessary for disaster recovery.


The technology was developed for PHD Virtual ReliableDR and is independent of the data movement technologies underlying hypervisor. It can rely on the publisher replication technology, but also on third party replication technologies such as berries or EMC RecoverPoint. According to the publisher, RDR ensures RPO on the order of a few minutes for workloads such as web servers, and several tens of minutes to an hour for critical applications (middleware, application servers, databases data, etc). It especially allows for full automation of disaster recovery testing, which validates the recovery plan at much more frequent intervals that any annual or biennial tilt test. The application dashboard can finely measure the recovery time and ensure compliance with policies established by the ISD.


Promotion Through Affordable SEO Services


With the advent of technology, web development has become an integral part of every business. Whether it is for ecommerce or for a general business website, SEO is very essential. When you are dealing with web development you must be familiar with the term Search engine result pages (SERPs). Top ranking in SERPs is very important for healthy promotion. Better SERPs ranking helps in drawing good amount of traffic to your business website. Use of competitive keywords can get good better ranking for specific search queries in the search engine. Many business owners end up ignoring the value of SEO. In this modern age of internet, SEO has become an integral part of every business whether small or big.

If you are a small business owner still you can get quality SEO services. Do not think that your business doesn’t need SEO as it operates on a small scale. There are several techniques followed for search engine optimization. None of these techniques are that tough to be practised, but definitely requires some skills. Decide a budget you can invest for online stuffs related to your business. Then consult an SEO service provider. Discuss your budget and requirements with them. SEO experts will handle your case accordingly. The best that can be done in your budget for your requirement will be their responsibility. In fact SEO services will allow you save some money which can be used for other works like channel promotion, customer services, supply chain management, etc. Your company’s website will get the required exposure and traffic. This will ultimately lead to a successful business.

Seo Vaughan services understand the needs of their small scale, medium scale and large scale customers. They understand what is essential for all of them. Through SEO, your website will get the appropriate exposure and potential customers will be able to find you from the crowd of so many websites. Featuring over the World Wide Web has become very important. More and more customers end up on the internet. If they want to buy something, they will search it over the internet. If they are able to find it in a website at good price they will order it online. Thus make your site’s content quality rich. It should respond quickly to the specific searches made by different people. There are uncountable Seo Vaughan firms operating out there to look after the requirements of different business houses.

There are so many SEO techniques one can practise to get good page ranking on different search engines. The amount of traffic generated to your website will differ from one technique to the other. In the desire of using darker SEO techniques you can lead to your site being completely removed from the search engine index. Sticking to the ethical method is what will lead you to the top, ultimately. Thus adopting a particular SEO service is very crucial. Mostly the SEO firms ask for 3 to 4 months for bringing you the desired results. Beware of SEO firms that will promise you leap and bounds and will end up doing nothing.

Making The Best Out Of IT Services

Nowadays, many businesses are choosing to outsource their IT to managed service providers, who will take complete responsibility for providing IT services that are requested by the client. This has become very common amongst large businesses, and many smaller companies are also looking to use these managed IT services so that they can focus on other important business deliverables. We started using these services after a careful evaluation of the benefits that we can get and here we are sharing the same with you.

Cost Factor
At times, the cost, of investing in high fidelity technology items and hardware, might be a costly affair. By using managed services, we are able to get the best technologies that allow us to enjoy all the benefits of it without having to spend as much as we would if we have to buy it for ourselves. Likewise, the amount of money that flows out of the office is constant, immaterial of the services that we need. We are able to use the monthly payments option, and whenever there is a system related problem, the personnel is right at our doorstep within a stipulated amount of time.

The engineers who are a part of the managed IT services are experts in the field, and we are able to take their guidance in anything that is related to the systems that we use. Since, they also offer round the clock service, we do not have to invest in additional manpower to take care of such activities, which would only prove to be a waste. Also, we take the contract with the company and hence the company takes responsibility to make sure that someone visits our office when the need arises and we don’t have to be running behind a person which will be the case when we go for individual service technicians.

Leading service providers use the best and the latest technologies that are available in the market. At times, we are not even aware of such products and then the engineer who comes over would educate us about it.

Converged Services
A single service provider provides all the IT services and hence you will not have to worry about anything related to IT. All we need to do is to call them when there is a problem, and they will bring their expertise to resolve it immediately at most times.

Centralizing the servers and the application by using the managed services has improved the overall performance of the employees as they can access data from anywhere, regardless of the time, day or location.

Most of the managed service providers are available to serve the clients 24*7*365. Hence, it is important to choose the right company that can deliver high-quality services to their clients. Prosyn is the company that we had chosen, and they are the best that can be. If you are based in London, then they are the ones that you need to contact.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing – Public Deployment

When we started discussing implementing a cloud-based computing system in our company, we had various thoughts coming through from each member. Some felt that we should not even implement it whereas the others were very confused as to which type of cloud will be the right one for our type of business. Finally, we decided to go for it and after careful considerations, chose to go with the public deployment, as that was the most suited type for our business. Since, we are now using the public cloud; we would like to share the advantages of choosing this type over the others namely private and hybrid.

The main advantage that we saw in the public cloud deployment was that it was the fastest of all three. It is very easy to create and develop the test environment, and users can create these environments within a few minutes. It is very easy to increase or decrease the capacity that could be a great challenge when it comes to private cloud. Based on the demand, we can compute, store and use the other services, and there are no effects due to the fluctuating demands. The public cloud also helps in meeting different user loads, be it smaller or heavy ones. The speed at which the resource provisioning is done is very high, less than a minute, which makes the public cloud as the best option just for that. On similar lines, we are able to increase or decrease the numbers, which does not have an impact on the speed.

The cost benefits must also be mentioned here. There is no upfront investment, and hence you can always boast about availing a service with zero investment. The operating costs are also much lower as we use the pre-built services like management, governance, information security, implementation, etc. We only pay as per the usage, which proves to be a very economical solution. Since there are many companies that are opting for public cloud deployment, the cost advantages are shared to the customers using the cloud service, which directly influences costs thereby, reducing it.

In addition to all these, there is a higher scope for innovation, competitive advantage, use of green computing, high performance, better application architecture, tolerance and skill management are some of the other major advantages that we are enjoy with a public cloud. Some of the major disadvantages that we have heard about but not experienced yet are security concerns, low reliability, non-availability, poor performance, loss of governance, etc.

If you are looking to implement cloud computing for your company, then you should opt to use the best services there is so that you do not have to deal with any quality issues later. Cloud London 365, one of the renowned names in the industry is the service we use for implementing public cloud for our company. Their services are exceptional, and you should see it to believe it. However, we strongly recommend that you choose a company that addresses your needs and delivers to your expectations.


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